Our founder’s life rests on two key areas: compassion for the dying destitute and an unshakeable faith in God. The same virtues of serving the downtrodden to share God’s love in action are followed by all the staff and volunteers. It is this attitude of servitude that has turned an ordinary place of stay into paradise.


A Fountain

A Walking Therapy Ramp

A Bird Therapy & Zoo

A Vineyard

A Fitness Center

A 1500 sq.ft spacious and comfortable room for the dying destitute

A Community Hall


We offer the best of services to the poor and needy every day. We have 3 different wings each for our wonderful ladies, brave gentlemen and lovely children. We’ve also come up with a 30,000 sq. feet brand new building, lately, for the grand ladies offering them more space and comfort. There are at least 6 resident nurses and a full time doctor to ensure our loved ones dwell in comfort and good health.

We strive towards excellence at each step, making their stay at our ‘Home of Hope’ a pleasant and enriching experience right from the time they step in, till they breathe their last breath.

We also inaugurated another new block on 6th oct 2019 that spans across a majestic area to accommodate and lovingly hold all our women and children members. Our sparkling new hygienically designed kitchen offers our loved ones with a variety of dishes to make them feel loved and special. We thank God for all our abilities, endeavours and efforts that help us prove that truly, God is our Jehovah and Jireh!   


Home of Hope, a hospice that helps to give a new life to the castaways on the street, is about half-hours drive from the heart of the city.  Far from the madding crowd of the city, it is in Doddagubbi village on the Kanakapura Road.  The Home is an active wing of New Ark Mission of India, an NGO founded by Thomas Raja, popularly known as Auto Raja.  Home of Hope is not just a roof for the destitutes, but a ‘home’ in its true sense, helping them to live like a member of a loving family, as loved and lovable human beings.  The Home is also where those who were abandoned on the streets to die a miserable death find a home to spend the last days of their journey on earth with physical and mental comfort.


Most of people who are brought here are at varying stages of malnutrition, totally emaciated, dying, on the brink of dying, or mentally challenged.  A few may find their  way here on their own  but the majority are brought in by others, like the police, social workers,  hospitals and even sympathetic strangers. With exception, many of them would be at a stage where, one might think only death could be their saviour. 

A merciful and dignified death at that!

Every month anywhere between X and X people die at the Home (Till date, close to X, 000 people have joined their maker.) and the bodies are sent to the crematorium. One of the remarkable services rendered by the Home is that every effort is made to fulfil the last wish of the dying person.