Home of Hope: For the young, restoring worth, providing a place of security, community and hope for the future. For the old and terminally ill, a place where they can experience love, care and die with dignity.

Facts about Bangalore: Green earth, serene waters, healthy air, ideal skies…that was Bangalore for you few decades ago…IT corporate lives, contemporary gadgets, fashion etc...are terms which you can connect Bangalore to today. Amidst all the glamour and all the appeal, there is this…THE OTHER FACE”… you cant even imagine what it is like till you watch it.     

--WARNING: The content of this video is graphic and viewer's discretion is advised

Real graphics video documentary about our rescue mission happened during the period 2003 to 2007.

Real graphics video documentary about our rescue mission happened during the period 2000 to 2003.
Auto Raja winning the CNN-IBN 2010 Real Hero award. (Real Heroes is an initiative that recognises and acknowledges ordinary Indians who are making a difference to people’s lives.)
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Greetings from Home of Hope!

A lot of effort has gone into this revamped and much upgraded website. What you see is the result of the blessings and hard work of several people. We hope that you will enjoy this new site and we sincerely wish that it will serve in communicating the vision and the work of Home Of Hope. As we grow in the number of residents at our Home, we also need to grow proportionally in our support base to do what we do more effectively. so visit often!
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NEWS & EVENTS (Sep & Oct)

On Aug 15 Raja was recognized by th-*e Governor of Karnataka
We recently (Sep 2006) installed a borewell at the site and this
--has made us self sufficient for water.

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